a glimpse of the largest hillside park in Europe

Bergpark Wilhemshöhe is a hillside park in Kassel (Germany). I didn’t know until recently, but it is the largest hillside park in Europe and second largest hill slope in the world! So don’t go there if you’re too lazy to walk uphill. It’s 2,4 square kilometres wide and goes up and down through the forest.

The building that you see in a picture above is the palace built for Landgrave (of Hesse, Kassel) William in the late 18th century. Later on, William II, who was the last German Emperor, the King of Prussia, and by the way – the eldest grandchild of the British Queen Victoria, used this palace as his summer residence. Wow 😁

My photo below shows Löwenburg (the Lion Castle) castle within the same park, which was built in 1793 for the same landgrave and his mistress. It was Wilhelm’s retreat place… and it actually became his tomb later. Wilhelm I was buried in a crypt under the castle’s chapel.

The building was almost destroyed during WWII by American and British airforces, but reconstructed in 1957.

If you’re not into all this history, you should still go there for a nice walk, because the park itself looks AMAZING. Little waterfalls, rosebushes, cute little benches everywhere… So romantic. 😻

I’m so sad I came here in winter, when it’s cold and snowy, I want to cry. 😭I hope I’ll come back here this summer and will be able to show you the real beauty of the park.

I’m so over this winter and my cold weather clothes. Can’t wait to take all of my bright clothes out… and not be cold all the time. 😪


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