A sheet mask a day…

Once I’ve asked my Instagram followers if they think it’s a good idea to use a face mask every single day. 90% of them thought that it’s way too often, few of them wrote me, that it could even do some damage.

Hmm… I’ve tried to think of a reason for how could it possibly damage my skin. I’ve read some articles about it, including about people thinking that your skin wouldn’t moisturise ITSELF when it got used to be moisturised by face masks. But it was just OPINIONS.

Well, we use face serums and creams daily and don’t find it damaging, do we?

I’ve decided to do my own little experiment and use one mask a day for ten days.

Most of them were moisturising, I think. I basically took a bunch of pink packages without even looking at what it says that they do. FYI : my skin is quite normal, it’s not sensitive, and I don’t have major every day problems or anything.

Guess what happened? 🙂 Nothing, really. I think my skin became a bit more radiant and healthier looking. If you think logically, it’s exactly like using a different face serum every day, before your usual moisturiser. 🙂

It helped me to keep up with my skin care in a fun way. I’ve tried different masks and found some really nice ones, which I’ll continue to buy in the future.

My recommendation: Misha Oil Soak was a bit different from the others, very comforting, such a nice treatment at home! And very inexpensive, btw.

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