After Sunbeds

Summer is around the corner and I’m sure that all of us want to look our best. Have you started to think about your summer body (any diet tips?) and… body tan? Do you also feel better when your skin is lightly tanned?

Warmer weather allows us to improvise with clothes and show more skin, probably more of you started to think about going to sunbeds. I have to confess, I go there all year round. Lucky ones, who have significant others, probably understand, that it’s important to look and feel good about yourself every day… and not just for a few months of the year :). I hope, everyone can relate.  I hate sunbathing, you’ll never see me laying in the sun and doing nothing but tanning, so the price I have to pay for a good looking skin is sunbeds. Happy me – I don’t have to do sun-bedding very often, because my skin tone is not that fair naturally, I get tanned very easily. I go there two times (each time for about 10 minutes) and the tan I get lasts me about 3 months. 

I know it’s super unhealthy, so every time after I go to sunbed, I try to compensate all the damage I’ve done to my body by drinking a lot of water and eating more fruits, berries and veggies, than I normally would. I try to stay hydrated and eat more healthy for at least a couple of days.

I use whatever face and eye mask I have at home at the time (I didn’t like that one in the photo below – “Pure Radiance Aloe Vera” 🙁). And, of course, generous amount of body cream is a must.

The Juice Bar “Fruti” is on my way home when I go back from the Sunbed Salon, so I always treat myself with a green juice cocktail after! Last time I got one with spinach and spirulina.

What tan do you use? How often?

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