backpack mania


I’m so happy backpacks are a thing nowadays. Either I go somewhere empty-handed, with my phone in a pocket, or I try to carry the world with me. And I tell you, backpacks are wonderful for carrying the world! 🎒

They are way more comfortable than shoulder bags, if you want to take something heavy with you. I think, it’s better for your posture too. I love reading books, and I want to take them with me to… well, basically to every place I go, just in case.

I’ve got myself a New Look backpack for everyday wear. It’s so soft and velvety, I think I could sleep on it.

I’ve added this fluffy pom bag charm, that my friend gifted me, to make my backpack a bit more personal. Is it still trendy? I’m not sure. But I love it. I’d like to have a different pom pom for every bag that I own.




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