beating my age with retinol

I’m going to celebrate my 29th birthday soon. And, of course, I can already see the signs of ageing all over my face. I don’t hate my little wrinkles, but… well, I don’t necessarily LOVE them. 😄 It’s not a crime to want to look a bit younger, or just as good as you can.

I was doing my research about the best anti-ageing ingredients – you know, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, beauty blogs and other serious sources 😆 and I’ve found what I was looking for. It’s RETINOL!

Retinol is a vitamin from the vitamin A family. It helps to renew our skin cells, increases the appearance of firmness, stimulates collagen and elastin production, creates an invisible shield of the skin’s surface, so our skin wouldn’t lose moisture. It clarifies and evens skin tone, so it can also be used as an ingredient to heal acne. OMG, women say great things about their experience using retinol.

BUT you have to use it right, because it’s a quite a complicated ingredient. 🤓 You can also harm yourself if you’re using it the wrong way.

☀️ You need to apply it in the evenings, because it loses its power as soon as it’s exposed to sunlight.

🔥 And it CAN BE drying (and cause a redness even) if your skin is not used to it, because you may not have enough retinoids which are naturally found in the skin. The good thing is that you can build those retinoids in your skin little by little. You just need to start with a product which has a smaller concentration of ingredient. Use it a few times a week at first, don’t overdo it.

I’ve browsed through so many retinol products until I’ve found what seemed to be IT. First Aid Beauty Skin Lab Retinol Serum has a product for beginners. I don’t see any miracle results since I’ve only used it for a week or so, but it feels really good on my skin. It’s a pleasure to apply. My skin doesn’t get irritated or anything. So far so good!

I’m going to look for some nice products for my eye zone now, I want to spoil myself a little on my birthday (browsing lookfantastic right now on the other tab) 😆, and my under eyes need all the attention they can get, because it’s the most problematic area of my face. Do you want me to tell you later what I’ve chosen?

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