Guys, I think Cali Contour Palette is my new favourite palette of all times. And I don’t mean just contour. I mean… It’s the best makeup palette of all the makeup palettes I’ve ever had. 😄 I use every product/shade that The Cali Contour has, and that rarely happens with other palettes, I’m sure you can relate!

I’m not a makeup pro, I’m not even very good at doing my own makeup 😄, but I can still talk about makeup stuff that I like, right?

I use contour colour and matte bronzer mixed together for contouring my face, matte highlighter – for highlighting my cheek bones and brow bones. Shimmering bronzer works perfectly as an eyeshadow, and matte blush looks really good with some shimmering highlighter on top of it. ALL 6 COLOURS IN USE!

It’s very well pigmented, so you have to be careful and light handed. Shades are more on the dark side, so I wouldn’t recommend this palette if you have fair skin tone.

By the way – this palette has big enough mirror to see all of your face, it would be so handy for traveling!!! I’m gonna travel with it myself. The Cali Contour palette, foundation, brow pomade, mascara and lip liner will be all that I need! I’m sure it will easily fit in one small makeup bag.

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