Challenge Accepted

Life is full of coincidences! I’ve got this L’oreal Elvital PR package right after I’ve decided to grow my hair long again. This box came with a flyer that suggested to grow my hair for three months without going to a hairdresser. New Dreamlength range should help me keep my hair ends healthy, without any breakage from brushing. Hair mask and hair cream also provide protection from the heat. 🙂

I like L’oreal hair care products (these ones as well!), but I’m not so naive. I know it can help a little, but I need to put way more effort in this, if I want to have really long and strong hair. 🙂 So…

I bought another package of biotin, witch I’ve already talked about here. And I’ve started to use John Masters Organics Scalp Treatment, which I found to be very refreshing. This treatment is supposed to condition and hydrate the scalp – I can only hope it works. I love the feeling it gives to my scalp so far. 🙂

I’m also trying to drink more water, it’s really important for our hair and skin!

So, that’s my plan. Do you have any more tips?

As you can see, my hair is just below my boobies right now. We’ll see how long it will be in… Let’s say September.

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