Champagne Life

When I was a teenager, my mom always told me to take care of myself and look beautiful every day, no matter if I’m going out, or staying at home. And it doesn’t matter that nobody will see me that day, a girl has to look good for herself.

Now, I get that it’s not just about looking good in the mirror. When you’re all dressed up, wearing a bit of makeup, when your hair is clean… Well, it helps to be more productive throughout the day. It makes you feel self-confident IN LIFE, keeps your mood up.

You already know, I like to keep myself cozy. I like to clean my home every evening, so I could wake up in a tidy space. I love drinking my morning coffee from an elegant cup…

And I’m always surrounding myself with details that make me feel somewhat fancy. 😁 I’m not a person, who spends money on champagne for every dinner, but there’s nothing stopping me from drinking a little cute-looking bottle of sparkling wine from time to time, or burning luxurious candle that smells like birthday (not kidding😄).

I’ve got this one in particular, as a gift from C&D Style. I burn it every evening while working on my computer. I know it might seem too expensive for some of you, but there’s a big difference between cheap candles and quality ones. Not only does it look better, but it also smells more natural and rich… and it usually lasts way longer. You can buy one and keep it for a year or so, burning occasionally. If you pick up a scented one, it will also work as a permanent home scent! 

What I basically wanted to say with this post is – no one is stopping you from living your Champagne-Life. Even if you’re not there yet, you can create your own little system that allows you to feel like you already are and you’re handling it. 😄⭐ Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself and don’t be lazy. No matter if it means styling your hair every day, waking up early for a run… or simply cleaning your room and burning a good smelling candle.

I feel like… If you can harmonize these little things in life, there’s nothing holding you back from making bigger steps. 🤟

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