Christmas Market in Kassel ’16

The Christmas Market in Kassel this year looks almost the same as the last year. Same decorations in the same places. Probably, I would  have gotten a huge Deja Vu if not for this one thing – I couldn’t find a food stand with nutella crêpes, such a bummer… 😐 At least I had a great dinner (with no dessert!) – bratwurst. There’s no better place than Germany to eat a good sausage and drink some beer. 😄

I’ve taken some photos to show you some bits and pieces of what I saw and found in Kassel’s Christmas Market in the main city square. Hope you like it.

UPDATE: I was informed 😂 that there was a food stand with nutella crêpes, called ‘Gabi’s Crepes’!!! Damn it!

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