First days in my new home

The last few days were a bit crazy. I’ve moved to my new home, and although it’s a complete mess (boxes everywhere, no proper furniture), but I’m very happy living in my own apartment. Creating my own nest/a place to rest… Aww 🐦 😆

I’m sure it will be fun to remember this experience after a while. First mornings waking up in a new place, first breakfasts, first guests… And what I think will be really fun, is to come back to my real home after some time traveling abroad.

My precious books are resting in these ugly plastic bags right now. Can’t wait to set them free.

Doesn’t matter if I have  work to do, I’ll always find some free time for reading. I’ve just started Marissa Meyer’s ‘Cinder’ (The Lunar Chronicles #1). It took me a while to get into this book and learn the difference between cyborgs and androids, but now I’m intrigued!

May’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK is full of things that I want. Haha. Good inspiration for summer time style tho.

Makeup organizing was the worst thing. I don’t have a lot of makeup stuff, but it was quite impossible to fit everything in one drawer. How did I do that before???

The time I like the most in my new home is going to sleep. Don’t want to brag, but I’ve made my bedroom very fresh and cozy. Almost perfect for my own liking. Just a few details to add and I’ll be happy forever.

Hope to see you again soon, I’ll come back with a beauty related post, showing you some things that I picked for this summer season.


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