friendship goals in Jūrmala

I’ve met her 7 years ago and we just clicked together. Let me say it was an unexpected friendship, because at the first look – we are two different personalities! And yet we have something so similar, it’s even hard for me to explain. I’ve never imagined we’ll get along so well, and I guess… we both surprised each other in a good way when we started hanging out more and more.

We have the same sense of humor… well, actually – same taste of almost everything 😆 And we can trust each other in sharing our deepest thoughts of even the most intimate things in life. Agne is a very special friend of mine, I know I’m lucky to have her, because not everyone can say they have a true friend (always a supporter, never a judge) in life that she is to me.

We’ve spent few days in Jūrmala together and let me say it was the most girly time I’ve had in a long time. A girl talk, silly talk, deep conversations, sarcastic jokes, gossips… you know, all the good stuff. 😆

Thank you for being as you are, Agne!

P.S. And by the way – Jūrmala is pretty beautiful. Look at some photos I took.




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