her office camp

Our office is a dog-friendly place, so it would be really unfair to leave my dog alone at home, when she can be by my side all day long!

I wanted her to have a cozy dog bed to sleep on, which would look nice and beautiful, but couldn’t find anything to my sense of style, so minicamp was my saviour again – at first, I’ve tried not to be so boring and find something different from what my dog already has at home, but I’m really happy with minicamp’s product style and quality, so it was quite an easy decision to make this time. I’ve already shown you her home bed here, in case you’ve missed it .

🐶 looks pretty cozy, doesn’t she?

What about you? Are you allowed to take your dog to your work? Or do you leave your little one at home?

P.S. I’ve just realised that minicamp has many more options to choose from if you switch to their english shop version instead of shopping in the lithuanian site. That is a bummer! I would have chosen the grey dog teepee instead. It would look so much better in my office. 🙁

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