Her Own Rules

Does your dog make its own rules at home? Or is it just my dog? 😄

Every time, after I shower my Bee, she always runs to her treat jar, looks at me like she’s trying to say ‘I was a good girl, give me some treats’ and doesn’t move until she gets what she wants. Then she runs to sit in a place, where I keep my hair dryer. I have to blow-dry her fur and then, of course, give her some more treats.

For the rest of the day Bee lets herself jump on the bed and sofa, although I usually do not let her sit on the furniture. She lets HERSELF do everything she wants after a shower. 😆 When the next day comes, she starts listening to me again. 

Sometimes I feel that I’m not the one who owns the dog. My pekingese owns me. And trains me to serve her well. She makes these little rules that I have to follow and I feel helpless. I’m wondering if it’s her breed, that makes her so royal-like and egoistic, or I’m just a bad mother who spoils her dog and doesn’t know how to say ‘no’?

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