Housewarming gift idea

My friends have recently bought an apartment and I really wanted to congratulate them. Of course, a bottle of champagne and some flowers would have been fine, but I wanted to do something more special. Maybe you could use my idea. 🙂

Everything that I’ve bought, was very simple and practical, I didn’t want for my friends to get something they would want to throw away straight after I leave. I’ve put everything in a big box that says HOME on it. Found it in Jysk.

The list of what’s inide:

  • kitchen towels (can you ever have enough of those?);
  • few bottles of liquid hand soap (I love the Zara Home ones);
  • few packages of paper napkins;
  • a pack of Magic Sponges (those eraser sponges are pure magic, really);
  • a jar of my homemade granola (made it with peanut butter chips this time – my new obsession);
  • a spatula (this one looked so nice, I’ve bought one for myself too);
  • a bottle of bubbles (of course):).

A little inspection before taking this box to my friends. 👇

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