I Feel so Spoiled

In my few years of blogging here and there (because gabrielejan.com is not my first blog), I’ve met some amazing, sweet people on the internet, who I can always feel around me, just supporting what I do, commenting my photos, asking questions, sending me nice messages. I can’t be happier about it!

I share bits and pieces of my life, give some opinions about… stuff, and people, giving me a feedback by talking to me, are the most amazing thing that gives a meaning to what I see as my hobby.

I never would have guessed that there are some girls who know me so so well, although we have never met in real life… One of the girls has sent me a gift, which you can see in my photos. I just can’t stop smiling. I wanted this book since it first came out, but somehow I didn’t get it myself. I know this book went viral, it was all over the internet since March of 2016. OMG, it was on my reading list for so long! After I finish ‘The Hazel Wood’, which I got in a FairyLoot, I’ll be reading this one for sure!

I don’t know how to say a proper thanks to Rita for sending me this, because I feel like it was too much of her. I feel so spoiled and not deserving… I have no words to describe it.

I’ve already packed a little gift for her, so she’d  know that her TIME spent thinking of me means the world.

Guys, if you’re with me for quite some time, don’t think of sending gifts, but comment something under my posts, so I could know I’m not alone here. 🤗 That’s what matters the most to me. You know… Let’s be friends? I promise I’ll try to do my best when blogging about something.

Love you all ❤

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