in the world full of ugly sneakers

Those ugly sneakers are called ugly for a reason, you know. 😆And I don’t want to wear them, because they will look ugly on me. Some people can make it work with their outfits. But I don’t have that natural sense of style. If I try to dress cool and trendy, I end up looking very weird, I tell you.

So… I decided to wear something that sticks to my heart – old school looking sneakers. I have my platform Old Skool Vans, which I wear all the time. I match them with everything. Jeans, or romantic dresses, I don’t care. 🙈I’m sure that my new Reeboks will be a nice addition to the family.

I feel very comfy and myself wearing old school looking items. Mom jeans, trainers, puffed sleeve blouses. I grew up in the 90’s and those years have shaped my personal style, I guess… 😂

By the way, I’m going to change my hairstyle and cut sooome bangs on Monday. Can’t wait! 💥

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