it really works!

Just wanted to quickly share with you what I’ve been using for my hair lately, and what works for me so so well, I almost can’t believe it myself, haha.

I always loved using biotin pills for my hair, but have never noticed the difference so fast as I had this time. I’ve ordered them from and it’s from California Gold Nutrition, have been taking these pills for a month or so and my scalp is full of new grown hair. I’m a walking hedgehog right now. My hair look so frizzy, I don’t know how to hide it. Have to start using a hair gel or something. 🙂

I tell you, it really works. I’m definitely going to try something else from this brand after I finish this bottle.

I know this could look like an ad to you, but I promise, it’s not. 😃Sharing is caring so… You’re welcome.

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