June #LFbeautybox + first impressions

I LOVE beauty box subscriptions! (I had pinkbox.de and glossybox subscriptions when I lived in Germany. Good old days 😭). Sadly, there aren’t many options to choose from here in Lithuania. Actually, there are none, I think, haha! I had to pick something that ships worldwide. It happened to be LOOK FANTASTIC.

I’ve subscribed for 12 months, so prepare yourself for a monthly blogpost about it.

Every #lfbeautybox has a monthly theme, and the actual box comes in a new beautiful design each month, which, in my opinion, is really cool!

The theme of June was “Around the World”. The box was filled with products of brands from France, Denmark, Iceland, Greece, US.

Oh, and you always get a complimentary copy of ELLE magazine with your beauty box. It’s in a very handy size btw! Awesome for traveling.

Seriously, it’s such a good way to try out many beauty products without spending too much. If you like something, you can buy a full size product later. I love the idea.

Do I love this months products? I don’t know just yet, but I’ve already tried everything out at least once, so scroll down for my first impressions.

  • SVR Sensitive Eyelid Cream I’ve never had problems with sensitivity in the eye area. I mean… My skin never gets too irritated in general. I don’t suffer from it, so I’m not the person to judge this cream. But it feels nice and hydrating on my skin, has a light texture, not greasy. Wouldn’t buy it for myself again, but first impression wasn’t bad.
  • Bioeffect EGF Serum I had really high expectations for this serum. Well, look at its price. Many women seem to love it, but my first impression wasn’t that great. Maybe I need more time. I didn’t wake up with a plump, smooth looking skin the next morning after using it. I didn’t notice anything just yet.
  • Bumble and Bumble Go Big Thickening Hair Treatment I don’t do much to my hair when it comes to styling it. It’s not the product I would use often, but I quite liked it when I’ve tried it. Easy to use, seems to be doing its job. 👍
  • Filorga Lift-Structure Cream I love Filorga cosmetics. Everything I’ve tried so far was really good. This cream seemed pleasant on my skin as well. 👍
  • Korres Pure Greek Olive Soap Bar Korres is a Greek brand, that always catches my eyes when I’m looking for a new product to try. Very affordable, I love the packages. I use Korres eye mask almost every morning and really enjoy it. I’m sure, this soap bar is a good quality product. 😄I just don’t use this kind of soap for my skin anymore. But I’m going to wash my makeup brushes with it, so… It will be used.
  • Ecooking Peel Mask THIS ONE got me so scared. My face looked in trouble when I’ve tried it. It looked seriously burned, I was wondering if I should rush to ER. 😆But my skin didn’t feel that bad as it looked, so I’ve decided to wait, and guess what? The redness vanished in about half an hour and left my face smooth like silk. Every product that I’ve put on my skin afterwards felt nice and fresh. I’m very intrigued by this Danish brand now! Have to try something else from them.

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