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At first, when I saw one more collection of matte liquid lipsticks, I thought “Does the world really need more matte lipsticks? Enough is enough”. I didn’t expect that these ones will be so different and so good.

Actually, these lipsticks are more like lip stains to me. They are very watery and easy to use. You can layer them as much as you want, lips absorb the stuff pretty quickly and don’t feel sticky or viscous, you can’t even tell if there’s something on them from the way it feels!

The best thing is – you can be sure that the chosen lip colour won’t fade unevenly during the day, you can eat, drink, kiss… do whatever, then put another layer of lipstick, if you want your lips to look a little bit brighter. Simple and easy.

When you want to remove it, well… That will be a bit harder :). Try oil infused micellar water, or makeup remover. Usually, I still wake up with a bit of colour on my lips in the morning. 🙂

I tell you, this stuff is worth your attention.

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