Making Myself Cozy

I can never force myself to work in a space that is not tidy, or not cozy enough. 😄 If I’m not at one of my usual working spots, I need at least a cute mug of coffee 🙄🙏.

I’m currently staying in Kassel (Germany), in a small studio apartment, and the kitchen table became my little home office space.

Thankfully, I found a small drinking glass  where I could put my lovely bouquet, which I made myself from my Valentine’s Day flower leftovers. LOVE IT. (Yep, you can see that my man doesn’t go for a regular RED on Valentine’s, he has the most  creative soul when it comes to flowers, trust me. This almost looks like a wedding bouquet, doesn’t it? 😁)

I’ve went to look for a beautiful, scented candle to the Kassel’s TK Maxx last weekend, but I couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t be damaged, or weird smelling, so… I was left with a simple IKEA candle, which is not that bad actually, just doesn’t look too nice.

And Voila! My productivity level just got way higher with these few small steps making me feel really cozy.

What are your tips and tricks to make a comfortable and cute space for work?

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