Movie Time: Practical Magic

I was so impressed with the Practical Magic prequel book, that I had to rewatch the Practical Magic movie, which I’ve first seen when I was a little kid. I think, I was about ten years old back then – it was not hard to impress me with a movie with some magic in it. 🙈

To be completely honest, I did not like it this time. The book that I’ve read was so deep and meaningful, and then the movie… Well, it was not convincing. I know it’s hard to put a long story with so many details to one and a half hour film, but I’ve missed the whole spirit of the Owens family, that you get while reading their family story. I wish it was a drama movie instead of a romantic comedy.

It would be quite nice non-biding movie before sleep (maybe with a glass of wine?) tho. Especially if you’ve never read the books.

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