my fake holiday glow

I hate sunbathing. I can’t stand laying in one place and… doing nothing, especially when it’s really hot outside. I don’t understand how people do it, seriously. And I don’t like tan lines you get when you are tanning with a bikini, I don’t find them attractive. 😆

I used to go to sun-bed salons to get that evenly tanned body, but lately I’ve become more conscious about all the damage you get from UV. And I’ve decided that my naturally pale face kind of suits me. 😆 I like it the way it is.

I’m not so happy about my pale and always bruised legs. I don’t even know where I get those bruises, they seem to appear on their own.

Fake tan products are too difficult for me. I’ve tried many different products, but it was a full time job to keep that tan even, half of the time I still looked like well, you can imagine, so I know that it’s definitely not for me.

Body makeup became my salvation! And there are so many products to choose from. The Body Shop bb cream had caught my eyes at first, but it was difficult to spread it evenly on the skin, so I’ve bought a tinted leg mist from TBS and I’m super happy. It looks very natural on the skin, nothing too crazy, my legs still match the rest of my body. They still look like my legs, only a bit better. The spray doesn’t leave any marks on the clothes, at least I haven’t noticed it, if you ask me.

When I go out in the evenings, I add a little bit of PUPA Body Highlighter on top. This product duo works perfectly together!

I’m sure, you could find similar products if you don’t want buy these ones, for whatever reason. I just wanted to share what I do to get that summery glow! You are welcome. 😃❤️

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