My Fav Blouse Ever

Do you have a piece of clothing that you wish you had in every possible colour? I do. And I’m showing it to you right now.

I had this white blouse from Reserved last spring. I loved how it fitted me, loved the lace details! I felt so cozy and chic wearing it. Sadly, this is not going to be a Reserved ad 😅, the quality of the fabric was really poor. It ripped quite bad while I was wearing it. When I wanted to take it off and somehow fix it (delicately sew it maybe), it ripped A LOT more, I was afraid to even touch it, so it wouldn’t dust to ashes. 😂

But, guys!!! I loved the model of the blouse so much, I was ready to buy the same thing again (and be really really careful this time, knowing how fragile it is). Sadly it wasn’t in stock anymore. My heart was crying for a little bit and then… I had to move on.

Months later, I saw the blouse on their site again! And not just in white, but also in green and black colours. I immediately bought it in white and green. Now I think, that I did a mistake not purchasing the black one also.

I washed it a few times already – everything seems ok, just so you know. I hope, I’ll wear it for a generous amount of time this time. And I’ll try to catch it in black when it’s in stock again.

I’m adding the link, in case you would want to take a closer look, just be aware of what I’ve just told you. 🙈


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