My Hair Heroes

Hey! I came here to show you my TOP 3 hair products. I hope you’ll find it helpful. Please, tell me about your hair heroes. I’d love to try something new. ❤

  1. Argan Oil of Morocco weightless healing dry oil is my number 1 product for hair of all time. I’ve already used so many bottles of this stuff, you wouldn’t believe! I can’t imagine myself not using this oil. 🙏🏻 It makes my hair shiny, easy to brush. Oh, and it smells really really good. I couldn’t say it’s 100% precent weightless. If I use a generous amount of this, it weights my hair down, but just a little bit, not too bad. Few sprays a day (actually about ten sprays 😇) doesn’t make my hair greasy, you’d have to be very very generous to make it look oily.  I keep it close to me. Sometimes I even put it in my handbag. Really great after a sunny day, or when it’s cold and your hair gets frizzy. 👌
  2. Matrix Oil Wonders flash blow dry oil. I think it really helps me to blow dry my hair faster! I feel like I’m just out of the hair salon after using this product. It smells luxurious, almost like men perfume (well, at least for me). 🤔 Not my first bottle, not the last.
  3. milk_shake Argan shampoo is nothing really special, just something I can use every day and be sure that my hair looks good enough. Not too puffy, very soft. I feel fresh and clean after washing my hair with it.  Shampoo contains organic argan oil an silk proteins. Doesn’t have sulphates and salts. I’d say it is a product I can trust.

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