My Perfect Trio

Every girl has her own perfect shade of nude. When it comes to lips, usually girls have their own perfect pair of products. Maybe a lipstick and a lipgloss, or a lip pencil and a lip gloss… or sometimes just a lip liner.

Sharing is caring they say 😄, so I’m quickly showing you my beloved products that I use almost every day since February.

1. Smashbox (automatic) Always Sharp Lip Liner in the colour Nude Medium. Very easy to use, soft, long lasting. A perfect match for the lipstick:

2. Smashbox Be Legendary in the colour Cognac. Just a classic creamy lipstick. Not too dark, but not too bright either, so it doesn’t look like a concealer. 😄

3. The third product is a lipstick transformer. Smashbox Insta-Matte lipstick gel. Transforms your creamy lipstick and gives it a matte finish. Definitely not a must have, but I really like using it. It feels pleasant on my lips (completely different from usual matte products), it makes my lips look fuller by filling all the gaps, especially when my lips are dry. And it makes my lipstick last all day.

I think my Lip Trio would be perfect for girls who have medium skin tone. Because my skin tone is not on the dark side – I’m not tanned right now, but I’m also not very fair naturally, as you can see in the photo below. And I think these products match me quite good! What do you think?

I’m always curious what other girls use, so if you’re kind enough to share it with me, please do! 🌸 If you could leave a comment with an exact product name, I would be so so happy!

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