Obsessed about Rituals…

Lately, I’ve been obsessed about Rituals cosmetics. I want to buy and to try everything from their store! BTW, have you ever tried their teas?  ☕ Are they worth buying?

My personal favourite is Rituals body creams in general! You may like or don’t like the particular scent, but these creams have amazing texture. All of them are very refreshing and give the most comfortable feeling to your skin. They are my #1 body creams of all times – absolutely. Please, try it for your own good.

Recently, I’ve tried Rituals shower oils. I have to admit, I like them even better than the Rituals shower foams. And they last longer.

I wasn’t impressed by their face sun cream spf30. A little bit greasy (like most of the sun protection products), nothing special, but not bad. The packaging looks nice tho. 😀

What would you recommend me to try next?

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