I love plants. I’ve always loved them. But I’ve never been so obsessed with plants before than I am now. I just new that this place will be full of plants right after we’ve moved into our new office and I saw how bright it is. I took my new position of a gardener with pleasure!

I prefer growing my own little plants instead of buying big ones. And we still don’t have all the furniture, so what you can see here, is only a start. It will take time to make this place really cozy and green. I want to show you this early stage, so we could compare the results later.

Oh, if you’ll look more closely, you will see some cucumber ant tomato seedlings. I’m going to replant them into bigger pots this week. I bought a species which can grow in the house plant pots. I’m not really sure of what I’m doing, but… worth a try. 🙂

This little greenhouse garden is everything! I think it perfectly works as a decoration. And it’s doing its job, too.

I got some corn seeds as a gift from the plant shop and just had to seed them. Now I have a little trouble… Where do I replant them? I’m pretty sure they should grow somewhere outside, they are pretty big plants. 😆I guess I’ll need a BIG plant pot. We’ll see what happens. Will do an update on that.

I’m just a starter, but I already have some experience with plants. I’ll be happy to share my tips with you later on my blog. 🙂

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