Origins Plantscription

I’ve bought Origins Plantsciption Powerful Lifting Cream about 3 months ago and been loving it since. Recently I’ve got their Anti Aging Power Serum as a gift and, guys, these two products work even better together!

I’ve started to notice wrinkles around my lips (I think it’s called ‘marionette’ wrinkles/lines?)  when I was around 25 years old, so it’s been bothering me for quite some time. 👀 I feel like Origins have helped me a lot, I don’t notice those lines anymore, except if I look very carefully studying my face like a freak. 😄

There’s something about these products that makes my skin feel very comfortable. I use them every night.

The Anti Aging Serum (I think it just got new packaging, btw) gives some firmness to my face immediately after applying it. And Powerful Lifting Cream provides all the moisture I need, so I could sleep feeling pampered.

The key ingredient of Plantscription is an anogeissus tree, which I’ve heard nothing about before I googled it a moment earlier. 😅 The tree grows in tropical Africa, and, apparently,  it’s quite often used in natural medicine.

I’m in need of a new eye cream and I’m thinking of buying one from the same Planscription line too. Unless You have something to recommend for my dry and sensitive eye zone?

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