polish tatra mountains #2

The next day in Zakopane, I went hiking in Strazyska Valley. It looks beautiful from the top, but it was quite challenging to climb up there with my sneakers. The path was snowy and slippery, hiking boots would have been a better choice, but I was never too practical. 😄

So funny! I’ve just got a direct message on my instagram, that I shouldn’t lie to my followers by adding a hashtag #longwayup (the main photo), because it’s impossible to hike there with the shoes I’m wearing… A girl that wrote to me has a point, yes… but guys – it is not impossible! It was not very comfy, but it wasn’t that bad either. In summer time there shouldn’t be any problem at all, I think!

So… as you have already understood, the walk is not extremely difficult and demanding. Definitely try this valley if you’re going to visit Zakopane.

You’ll easily find directions to this little mountain restaurant, if you want to have a beer, or eat some cake with a cup of tea. 🙂

Look what colourful fellow I met while I was drinking my herbal tea. 👇

Spring marks. 👇

Me, trying not to get cold from the waterfall. 👇 Btw, you can find many little waterfalls in the Strazyska valley.

It’s almost the Crocus season in Zakopane. With whole large fields of them blooming everywhere. 😍 Must be beautiful. I saw some crocuses, I saw the potential… 😆

What I like about Zakopane the most (after the Tatra mountains) – there are many wooden shacks there. Makes the town quite authentic and charismatic.

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