Postcards from Amsterdam

Summer is not a right time to visit Amsterdam if you don’t like being in the crowds. 🙂 I, personally, don’t feel good walking in popular places and pushing myself through the mass of tourists. 😆I just… can’t.

The only time I can enjoy being a tourist myself in these conditions, is early morning, when most of the people are asleep and I can appreciate the unique architecture, or nature… I want to feel the real atmosphere of the city.

I’ve made a few photos to remember my early morning walk in Amsterdam this summer, hope you’ll like them too.

I guess, I don’t have to tell you about all these bicycles in the city...
The Bulldog coffee shops are popular in Amsterdam, you’ll see them on every corner. I liked the vibe and all. Chocolate muffins were great. Just don’t buy the pre-rolled stuff there, do it yourself 😜
Every building looks way better when greener.
Cute, had to take a photo :)))
The shops of popular American and English snacks are everywhere in the center of Amsterdam. I’d have tried everything, didn’t have enough time 😀
Who lost a doll? 🙁

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