Saint Wolfgang, Austria

My stay at Saint Wolfgang was a blast! It’s such a beautiful cozy town, if you’re traveling to Salzburg (Austria), make time to visit Saint Wolfgang too. They are only about 50km apart.

Northern Alps around Wolfgangsee lake will take your breath away. It feels almost magical, like you’re on set of Disney movie or something. 😄Narrow little streets, coffee spots offering delicious local sweets, souvenir shops… And it seems that people there really love dogs, I’ve met so many beautiful pups!

If you don’t now what to do in Saint Wolfgang, you can take a very cute looking train SchafbergBahn up to the mountain (sadly I couldn’t, it was undergoing maintenance at the time), or take a boat tour on the lake. The baroque style church is definitely worth visiting. This town also has a doll museum with over 1 thousand dolls, mostly barbies. 🙂

What else… Well, if you’re up to hiking, you can take the pilgrim pathway. It takes at least a few hours and has some steep parts, so be prepared.

If you just want to chill there, try Austrian Zacher cake, apple strudel, Salzburger Nockerl dessert (you can find a pic of it on my instagram). There are many places to sit down and admire the view!

I hope you’ll get a right impression about Saint Wolfgang seeing the photos I took there. Some of them, again, are in my Instagram gallery.

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