self care tips

Self care, or self love has a different meaning to different people. I’m only here to share some ways to relax and still feel in control of life, that I like using myself.

  • MAKE TIME TO READ A BOOK. I’ve noticed, that it’s not really the matter of lack of time, that holds us from reading. The problem is being simply unorganised.

    First of all – pick a book, that looks really intriguing to you. Don’t take a book, that will make you look smart to others, when you tell them what you’re reading. Be true to yourself and pick something that sounds exciting, don’t be ashamed of your reading taste, why should anyone be? The right reason to read a book (except for studying) is to do it for your own pleasure!

    Second – schedule time to read one or two chapters a day. It could be 15 minutes while drinking your morning coffee, or 15 minutes before going to sleep… 🙂 When a book hooks you in, you may notice, that you have more time to read than ever. Priorities change. 🤓

    “Books are uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King, on writing “a Memoir of the Craft”

  • EAT AND CHILL. Watch that dumb tv show, that doesn’t require much thinking, eat something delicious while watching it. Do it once a week, or at least once a month. It’s not a coincidence that girls, with broken hearts, eat buckets of ice cream and watch tv in the movies. It really helps! 😆The easiest and cheapest way to take a break from your daily troubles and recharge can be very simple sometimes.
  • SKINCARE ROUTINE. I know it may sound silly for some of you, but taking EVERY step in my skincare routine makes me feel calm and in control.

    If you can’t make few more minutes of your time to take care of your skin properly, how do you manage to control big things in life?

    I advice you to look closely at what your face needs at the moment. Wash it carefully, then use a toner. Don’t forget to put some serum before spreading your usual face cream on. Eye treatment is also important if you are not a teenager anymore. 🙂 Just don’t hurry – gently massage every product into your skin. Make it your little meditation. 🙂

    I’m sure you’ll see a difference in your skin condition in no time. Attention always pays off no matter the subject. That proper face care routine takes like… 3 minutes longer, than the usual smudging whatever face cream you have and rushing to sleep.

If you know me, you know that I’m all about the little details in life, so if you want to know more about my cozy rituals that bring me joy in my daily/weekly/monthly routine, just say so! I will gladly continue on with my list. 🙂

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