Sun is not a Joke

My mom always told me to be happy about living in Lithuania, because we don’t get a lot of sun here 😄, that means our skin will look youthful for a longer time than living somewhere in the south. 

Sun is one of the factors why our skin gets old. Sun (UVB) can also cause skin cancer. It’s not a joke, it can be really harmful (UVA+UVB) to us and we should stay conscious about that.

If we can protect ourselves from harmful sunrays, then why not? We can choose from a lot of products nowadays. Did you know that SPF 30 cream prevents our skin from burning about 300 minutes longer than without it?

Actually, I don’t think about it too much during dark winters here 😄, but I take a good care of myself in the summer time. And I didn’t come here to recommend you my favourite stuff, but I wanted to show you what sun products I have with me this summer.

Every year I use different things to protect my skin from being in the sun and to soothe it after, but I can say I’m quite impressed about Garnier UV Water Spray SPF30 and their AMBRE SOLAIRE after sun face mask – love using them so far. I’m not so fond about Rituals face cream tho, wouldn’t buy it again.

What sun products do you use?

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