Sweet Afternoon

I have the best husband and mother in law. They both treat me like a princess. 👸 Recently they have treated me almost too well! Look at these sweets they got me from Germany and UK. Oh, and my mother in law, who lives in England, bought me my favourite magazines. The sweets and the magazines came on the same day, so I had no choice, but to plan my girly afternoon with some fashion reading, chocolates and coffee (I’m not on the healthiest path right now, but I’m definitely on a delicious one).

Have you tried any of these sweets, which ones are your favourites?
I think these sweets should last me till Christmas. 🤔

Do you like those kind of posts, where people are trying snacks from different countries and rate them? I personally enjoy reading blog posts or watching youtube videos like that. I plan to travel to a few foreign cities in autumn, I could… do some judging with lots of photos 😆 Just let me know.

Have a great weekend!





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