Tattoo Brow

I’ve just tried this newbie from Maybelline and wanted to share what I think about it with you! So… Tattoo Brow is a peel-off gel-tint.

You have to apply it on your brows and let it dry. After 20 minutes (you can keep it up to few hours if you want longer lasting result), you peel it off, like you usually do with your gel face masks! Just be careful and start peeling it from your inner corner towards the outside. That’s it. Your brows are ready!

Actually, I really like it.

I kept this product on my brows for a few hours and it lasted for about 4 days on me! It stained the skin parts, that have less hair, perfectly. 👍 Oh, and it faded very evenly!
I think it’s a perfect product for a weekend away, especially in the summer, when you don’t want to worry about your makeup, but you still want to have brows. 😄

* A quick tip – don’t use the applicator that comes with the product. It is way more comfortable (and more precise) to use your usual brow brush, which you can wash easily within seconds after using the product.

* I tried this product in colour – Dark Brown. It looked completely fine the first day, but what I’ve noticed the days after – it started showing its orange undertones. That wasn’t so bad (just slightly orange 🍊), but… Well, that’s a little minus. If you don’t like warm toned products for your brows, I recommend you to buy this in Grey Brown. That should suit most women. (I’ll be buying Grey Brown as well, next time)

Other than that – it’s a YES product for me.


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