The 24 Hour Readathon #1: Fail

You know I love reading books, right? I also love watching booktubers on youtube. Book hauls, reviews, monthly wrap ups, book subscription unboxings etc. Recently, my youtube space was flooded with readathon vlogs. I had to try it myself.

24 hour readathon doesn’t mean that you must read for 24 hours straight without… sleeping, showering, doing your daily duties and so on. That means you try to read as much as you can for the next day and night. Just, you know, try not to waste your time on anything else. 📺

For me, that was a complete fail… All those booktoobers reading like 3-4 books during this challenge, some of them read more than a thousand pages. What I’ve managed to do, was to finish one book I’ve started earlier, and to start another. 😂 I know, I’m not very fast reader, but still…

I’ve started my readathon on a late afternoon, with a glass of latte and this book. And then I got distracted by a postman. 📦 After checking what’s inside the packages… I got hungry.

So I prepared myself some lunch, which took quite a while for me to eat, considering that I ate watching youtube.

Then I finished my first book.

And then courier came and brought my groceries order. After I put everything into places, my husband came home from work and I got distracted again.

I showered my little Bee later, cause… Well, she needed it.

And finally, I started a new book. The Forgetting by Sharon Cameron. It took me about one and a half chapters to get into story, but when i did, I didn’t want to put down this book.

As much as I was interested in the story, I also wanted to sleep 😂 So…

… I decided to wake up early and continue reading in my balcony.
After I read a few more chapters, I had to do some work at home and then my readathon time was over. 😄  That left me with 276 pages read on ‘Forgetting’ and 324 pages on ‘Salt to the Sea’ (600 hundred pages in total). Now, when I think about it… It could be worse. Right?

I’ve had really fun and calming 24 hours, guys. I know it could be hard finding spare time so you could concentrate on reading, but if you can, I advise you to try it on a weekend! Go and challenge yourself. I’m thinking on doing readathons at least once per season. Would you be interested in knowing how it will go for me the next time?

Kisses, G.

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