The Best Cream Lipsticks

There are so many new innovative lipsticks. “Matte, super matte, extra shocking glittery lipsticks, liquid lipsticks in green or blue colour” … I mean… That’s awesome! But there are so many women which only want their simple old school creamy lipstick , so that they could comfortably wear it all day every day. 🙋🏻‍♀️

I have to admit, there were some novelties from L’oreal Paris makeup this season, that I didn’t enjoy much, BUT these lipsticks are heaven! I can’t even… 🙏🏻

They are shiny (without glitter), feel very buttery, soft and hydrating on my lips, but not leaky. They’re well pigmented and deliciously scented. Very beautiful packaging. And I think that the cost is all right (~13€).

COLOR RICHE SHINE lipstick line has so many beautiful colours! You can choose from nudes to reds. Just go to your local store and check them out. I can’t recommend them enough.

BY THE WAY – these lipsticks feel, look (except from packaging) and smell exactly the same as the YSL ROUGE VOLUPTE lipsticks! Well, at least I think so. 😅 I think we could even find some fine dupes.  

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