The Hazel Wood

‘The Hazelwood’ by Melissa Albert was a quick read for me. I’m just drawn to YA fantasy books, although I’m almost 28 years old and, as many would say, I should read adult books and not fairytales written for teenagers. I don’t know why people say that sometimes, I don’t listen to them. Everybody should read what they love and not try to make themselves look smarter, society is crazy. It is about a 17-year-old girl called Alice, who has spent most of her life with her mom, on the road, running from a mysterious feeling of bad luck. Whenever Alice felt that bad luck is around the corner, she and her mom would go hiding from it to a different place in America.

Alice always had trouble remembering what happened when she was a kid, so the book leads to believing, that the answer to what exactly is the bad luck, lays in the girls past.

One day, Alice’s mom gets a letter that says her mom (Alice’s grandmother, which she have never met) has died, and she tells Alice that their days of running away are over, they don’t need to hide anymore. But something goes terribly wrong, because in a short time after that letter, Alice’s mom goes missing.

Alice gets some clues of where her mom is and that leads to her grandmother’s estate – Hazel Wood, which is hard to find, because nobody seems to know where it’s at.

The weirdest things happen when Alice and her new friend, a classmate – Ellery Finch start to notice strange people on the streets of New York that are similar to the ones Alice’s grandmother told about in her dark and cruel fairytales book that she has written in the past.

And, of course, how could two eager teenagers resist on chasing the fairytales. They both have their own motives and little secrets from each other that make this book even more twisted.

There where many things I liked about this book.

These fairy tales that were told… OMG, they really scared me. They were so dark and unusual. I had the same feeling as people have, when they’re watching horror movies and know that something really bad is going to happen soon.

And for me, this book was unpredictible, I had my thoughts of what’s going to happen, but I was never sure about it.

There were some romance between Alice and her classmate, which is always very welcome in the books I read, so that was also a plus.

And things were never going too slow. It was just enough action for me.

I think, this book would be just perfect to read during the Halloween season!

What I didn’t like that much, was relationships these characters had with each other. Especially Alice’s and her mother’s. I can’t believe that in the real world Alice wouldn’t ask questions, or wouldn’t be allowed to ask her mother questions about her past, or why she never talks about Alice’s grandmother,  or why Alice is not allowed to read the book that her grandmother wrote, and so on…

I did not enjoy how the book ended, I felt like there was something missing in the plot, was it a bit rushed maybe (?). And, in my opinion, few characters didn’t develop enough for the role they had in this story.

I don’t know how to say it in exact words, but the ending was not enough for me to love this book, although I really enjoyed reading it, the whole idea and intrigue is great. I can recommend it to people who want to have fun, but don’t want to go too deep and get too engaged with a book, you know what I mean? Nothing too complicated, just pure fun. 😌

I gave ⭐⭐⭐ out of 5 on goodreads.

You can buy this book here.

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