travel beauty essentials

When I plan to travel for a short time, I never pack anything fancy, I like to keep it very simple, just some products I can trust and share with my travel friend if needed.
I only make exceptions for my face care, I don’t take any face care samples, as I know quite a few girls do. That’s so crazy! You don’t know how your skin will react to something new, and who wants a face disaster while on vacation? I pack everything I use in my daily routine. 

The most important thing for me is SUN PROTECTION!  1. Garnier AMBRE SOLAIRE helps me every year, it’s very affordable and pleasant to use, I don’t feel any urge to splurge on more expensive stuff. 💸 And I love Garnier after sun body lotion too, it soothes my skin and makes it feel comfortable after all the sunbathing.

2. Origins GINZING face moisturizer contains SPF 40, which is very very acceptable 😀 I like it, because it’s creamy and rich, but doesn’t leave my face greasy. It has a sheer tint – doesn’t cover any blemishes, but makes face look awaken and brighter. I’m taking it to the beach for sure.

3. I’ve just got the Foreo PLAY for my short trip face cleansing. If not for this little thing, I would take my normal size Foreo LUNA, but now… I’ll play! 😆 I think it would be a great choice for everyone who uses their Clarisonic (or similar) brushes which are quite big and take a lot of space in luggage. This little thingy would fit in every cosmetic bag.

4. Dove products never leave me disappointed. Sometimes I like to use fancier stuff when I’m at home, but if I want something I could trust on my trip, Dove shower creams always come to mind. Oh, and all of them smell fresh and amazing! But you probably know it…

Ok, I didn’t plan to mention this, because I usually take perfume testers with me, but look what I’ve found at the Douglas counter – 5.  MY POPPY WILD eau de toilette in PERFECT PARADISE ILLUSION. Only few euros for adorable packaging and fresh summery scent. It’s a perfect choice if you want to smell nice at the beach and you won’t have to waste your money wearing some expensive perfume. Make sure to check it out next time you’re in Douglas.

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