Two Empties

Why do all face care products have to run out at the same time? These two were just a start of a disaster, I’m running out of my night creams too! 😠

Last week I’ve used up two moisturizers, which I liked to apply on my face in the mornings.

They both went perfectly with my makeup. They both felt very comfortably on the skin. They both kept my skin being matt. 👍

Glamglow Volcasmic Matte cream was a bit more rich in its consistency than Clinique one. It felt very soft and buttery, and smooth…  I’d prefer to use it in the autumn rather than in the summer time. It had an amazing scent – I think of oranges 🍊👀. If you don’t like richly scented products then it’s not for you, I think. I could not say a bad word about this moisturizer. If you can spend 45 euros on a face product, go for it.

Clinique Moisture Surge has a more friendly price. You can try a ‘small’, 30ml, version for 20 euros. I liked using it in the summer time, because it had a gel-like consistency and felt very fresh on my face. Makeup went on super easy and smoothly. I was thinking about buying myself another bottle, but… Well, I wanted to try something new. Couldn’t help it. 😆

Soon I’ll show you what I’ve got to replace these products!

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