two things to do in Tallinn

…and some postcards from Tallinn…

If you’re planning on visiting Tallinn (Estonia), I have two things to recommend to you!

A place to eat – Restaurant MOON! Modern Russian kitchen. Excellent food from the starters and snacks to the main courses and desserts. Restaurant Moon is one of the very few places where I liked every little detail of my dining experience. I’m looking forward to coming back there when I visit Tallinn next time. Don’t eat s****y food in a touristy place, better try this restaurant, which is not that far from the old town. Prices are about the same, but quality difference is insane. Make sure you book a table before your visit. You can easily do it online, they have a nice internet page.

Second thing to do in Tallinn is The Epic Bar Crawl. You get a chance to taste the nightlife of Tallinn and meet awesome people from around the world. Me and my friends have met people form America, Australia, Malta, Spain, Dubai… Many people, many different personalities, much talking, dancing, drinking (of course) – just having fun. This was my second time doing the bar crawl and I would do it again and again. Sadly, I didn’t take any photos, I was too busy enjoying my  evening, but you could find some pics in their Facebook gallery. You can spot me in a few of the photos if you look carefully. 😝

See you in my next blog post!


  1. Veronika

    Kodėl nustojot rašyti lietuviškai??? 🙄 man labai patiko jūsų įrašai, bet dabar kaskart atidarius ir pamačius anglų – viskas, nebeskaitau.. ne todėl kad nedraugauju su anglų, bet nepatinka!

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