Unravel Me (spoilers)

I look at my review about the first book of the ‘Shatter me’ series and it makes me laugh. 😁 I don’t know how it happened, that I found first book quite blank, but gave five stars out of five on goodreads.com for the second one. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/5.

Unravel Me was so so so much better. Nothing about this book was boring or too predictable. It was quick, adventurous and sexy read.

I love how the plot of this book has moved to a different deeper level. I love how much characters have grown into the story. I love how Juliette found more of her identity in this book, I love how we got to see what made Warner who he is now…

I found Adam a bit annoying in this book tho. All that weeping for Juliette not wanting to be with him, so she wouldn’t hurt him in the future…🙄 I see how the author made Warner stand out in the position of Juliette’s boyfriend. He was just so sweet and determined… 😄

I can’t wait to read the next book (Which I’m going to read after I’ll finish ‘The Cruel Price’ by Holly Black).

I would definitely recommend this series for everyone who likes YA dystopian. Don’t be fooled by the first book ‘Shatter Me’. The second one is so good!

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