wait… what?

Something very strange has happened to me recently. I’ve bought two beauty products for a second time! And I don’t do that usually.

There were many products in my beauty list that I enjoyed using while I had them, but my curiosity always ALWAYS overtook me and I just didn’t purchase anything twice.

There are so many brands and different products to try out in this world… Do you know what I mean?

BUT I have finished my daily moisturiser not that long ago, and was looking for something new that would really work for me. I wanted something to plump up my skin in the mornings, be a nice base for makeup, would not clog my pores and would just basically feel nice on the skin. And then it hit me. I have had this kind of product before and I have really missed it! It’s a Clinique Moisture Surge hydrator. So, why would I look for something unknown, when I KNOW a product that fulfils all my expectations. Maybe next time I’ll try something new, but now I’m so happy with this one. I love how it refreshens my face. It’s a trustworthy product and if you haven’t tried it yet, please, go and try.

The other product I’ve decided to buy for a second time was a Clinique liquid facial soap for a dry skin. There aren’t many things I could say about it, but… Well, it’s good. 🙂 The most important thing for me using a face wash is that I have to feel fresh and clean afterwards.
My face cleansing routine is quite usual. First, I use a micellar water pads to wipe my eye makeup, then – a liquid face wash for the rest of my face, and lastly, I use face tonic to take off what’s left. My cotton pads with tonic water come completely clean and spotless after using this liquid Clinique soap, I swear!

It doesn’t have any scent and lasts for a long time. I feel like it’s a bit drying, but nothing crazy. Another product I can trust and don’t want to risk buying something new just yet. Wow, I’m really getting old.

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