What happened to my sweet corn seedlings?

Do you remember when I said:

“I got some corn seeds as a gift from the plant shop and just had to seed them. Now I have a little trouble… Where do I replant them? I’m pretty sure they should grow somewhere outside, they are pretty big plants. 

I guess I’ll need a BIG plant pot. We’ll see what happens. Will do an update on that.” ?

So… Look at that:

Ok, some of them had to die, there was not enough space for all of the seedlings in this terracotta pot, sadly. 😣 Sweet corn grows out such big roots, you would be surprised if you saw them!

Let’s look at the bright side – there are 5 strong and happy looking sweet corn plants living in our office. And they are starting to bloom! I think it’s a nice decoration even if we won’t get to harvest any actual sweet corn cobs. I’m pretty sure they need to be pollinated, so… 🙂 Not many chances to get some bees in our office. I still leave an open window sometimes, who knows… 🙂

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