where are your gloves?

I have to buy a new pair of gloves few times a year. I lose my gloves every cold season, the same as I was losing them in the middle grade, when I was a kid.

My parents were always asking where my gloves are, before I was leaving for school, and I was so scared to confess, that I’ve lost them again, although they were never angry for my oblivious head. They just didn’t want me to get cold. I was ashamed of myself and hoping to find all of my gloves somewhere, before my parents find out, that they will need to buy me another pair, but it never went that way. I never found any complete pair. Only one glove at a time, if I was lucky.

I wonder how the pile of gloves, that I’ve lost during all those years, would look like in one place. 🤔

It would be a shame to buy something expensive, that is meant to be lost, when there are so many good cheap choices just to cover my hands, when it’s chill, but not freezing cold.

I’ve bought my new gloves at Zara. Leather-like fabric, not boring, looking a bit edgy, I love it! I’ve got these gloves last week, and I still have them. 😏

And where are Your gloves?




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