Why French Ombre? (or baby boomer nails)

I know some people call it Baby Boomer Nails (because after World War II, when baby boom started, it was popular to paint your nails pink, or white)but I’m more used to calling it French Ombre.

And the reason why I always go for this nail style… is in the main photo of this blogpost. My nails looked so good  4 weeks after I’ve got them done, I wasn’t even embarrassed to put it up front! If you look carefully, of course you’ll see how much they’ve grown, but hey, usually people don’t look at my nails from up close. 😀

So if you’re on a budget and  don’t want to go get your manicure done every week or two, or if you’re planning your long vacation and want your nails to look perfect many weeks after you got them done… This could be the answer.

And in the photo below you can take a look at my nails freshly done today.

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