zakopane, poland

The first thing I did in Zakopane was taking a cable car to the Kasprowy Wierch (Kasprowy Mountain top). It is one of the top places recommended on travel sites. It is still a skiing season, so half of the people were skiing there, the other half just walking around (me, in this case :)) and enjoyng the view. It’s not the most breath taking mountain view I’ve ever seen, but it’s still a mountain, so… very beautiful!

Oh, and there’s a little (very crowded) restaurant. I had a coffee and some carrot cake (with little carrot pieces, which was something new to me, usually you have to grate it for the cake, kind of liked it).

There’s no snow in the town, just on the mountain tops, right now. It will be so much greener in a few weeks.

Didn’t buy a fridge magnet for myself, not that kind of tourist. But I always like checking them out on the stands and displays.

Polish smoked cheese stands are on every corner, you can easily find where to buy some. I believe, it would be cheaper in a simple grocery store. It’s very chewy and salty, but really nice if served right. I’ve tasted it in a restaurant. The cheese was warm, served on top of a pancake, with a little bit of jam – 👌. Yumm…

The town centre offers all kinds of souvenirs, quite a few restaurants, little shopping mall… The best thing is – you can see the Tatra mountains from the main street! 🙂

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